Does Julie Chen hate that Sharon Osbourne remains friendly with Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini?

I love Sharon Osbourne. Nobody tells Sharon who to talk to or who to remain friends with. Not even the feared Julie Chen. As I reported yesterday, producers, staff & hosts of "The Talk" were given specific instructions and threats about talking to or mentioning former hosts Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete.
But as a trusted source tells me: "Julie hates that Sharon is friendly with Leah and Holly. She will never be able to control Sharon."

It's public knowledge that Sharon is taking a break from "The Talk" to spend more time with her husband Ozzy. As has been reported publicly, Sharon's contract is to appear for a total of 6 weeks spread out over this season. Sharon has denied reports of rifts on set of "The Talk". But who are we kidding, there's more new faces on "The Talk" than Joan Rivers has had......

The lovely Leah Remini responded to my story yesterday after a twitter follower forwarded her my post about the threats to the staff. Leah tweeted:  @TheRyan26 is that y we haven't heard from anyone we've worked w, for a over a year 197 shows?! Whew... Was starting to get a complex! Lol

Well it looks like Sharon will always be your friend Leah & Holly. As will your legions of fans. :)

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