Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Without Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini....Boos, threats & embarrassment at "The Talk"

An ugly situation has gotten even worse. As everyone knows, Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini were removed from CBS' "The Talk" in an unprofessional and mean fashion. "The Talk" debuted yesterday without the two fan favorites.......with not one word about the changes. I heard whispers that there were orders from above (Julie Chen) that the hosts were not to mention either Holly or Leah.

I needed confirmation and sadly got it from a trusted CBS source who tells me "Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert were told not to mention Leah or Holly or else they would face the wrath of Julie." Even worse..... "She said the same to the crew and producers. Any contact with Leah or Holly and they will be fired." Ouch.......

How about the studio audience? How did they react when told that Leah & Holly weren't there? A hearty round of boos. Out of the studio, the reaction was just as bad as THR reported

Everyone that I've talked to feels bad for both Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne. Two very well liked and respected women. My source tells me that Sara "feels embarrassed and powerless". What about Sharon? Poor Sharon tweeted yesterday:
Great first day back. Missed @hollyrpeete & @LeahRemini.!/MrsSOsbourne/status/111237546700312577
Quickly followed up by
It's a very different dynamic but Sheryl was hilarious & I can’t believe I’m working w Molly Shannon, I’m a huge fan.!/MrsSOsbourne/status/111238812176367616

Yup, you can only hope Sharon that Ms. Chen didn't read your first tweet.........

8/26/11 CBS won't officially release Holly Robinson Peete, but orders her to clean out her dressing room for her replacement. BOO CBS!!

8/30/11 NY Post confirms Geno's World's Holly Robinson Peete "The Talk" post from 4 days ago

8/31/11 My CBS source confirms that "Scary" Julie Chen is indeed behind "The Talk" firings of Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini.

8/31/11 EXCLUSIVE: Molly Shannon to join "The Talk" on CBS

9/2/11 BREAKING: Holly Robinson Peete FINALLY released from her "The Talk" contract


Tina said...

The show is unwatchable now.

Metal Mike said...

Nothing a wrestling ring and a vat of jello can't fix. Fight it out!

nanateresa said...

Boycott Julie Chen don't watch The Talk, don't watch big Brother, contact CBS and let them know that as long as Julie Chen is on these shows we will no longer watch unless they bring back Leah and Holly.

Anonymous said...

I've been upset about this for over 8 hours now. It's ridiculous that CBS did this, and they should be ASHAMED of themselves for how they did it! I no longer watch The Early Show because CBS dumped fan favorites Harry, Maggie, and Dave. Now I won't watch The Talk either. In fact, I'm going to avoid watching CBS in general. Julie, Sara, and Sharon... HOW could you sit there and act like nothing had changed? HOW could you not acknowledge the loss of two of your "girlfriends"? Julie, I have a feeling about you and it's not a good one. Sara and Sharon, SHAME on you two for staying! Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

Julie fooked up Big Brother 13 too, all kinds of scripted show, things shown terribly out of order, being told what to say in the Diary Room, from cue cards, Julie Chen and Allison Grodner ruined Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signed: A watcher of BB since season 1.

contacting CBS won't do you a darn bit of good, Julie's husband, Les Moonves, runs CBS!

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