My CBS source confirms that "Scary" Julie Chen is indeed behind "The Talk" firings of Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini.

I'm a huge Big Brother fan. I've watched every episode & have been a fan of Julie this hurts me to write this. But as I received confirmation from a trusted CBS source that Holly Robinson Peete is getting awful treatment from CBS and that the rumors of Julie Chen being the cause are true, I must act. Holly Robinson Peete is sweet, kind & talented. If I have knowledge of her getting "screwed", I feel I must act.

My post from last Friday CBS won't officially release Holly Robinson Peete, but orders her to clean out her dressing room for her replacement. BOO CBS!! revealed quite a bit. After great ratings, Holly was being shown the door without cause. Yesterday the NY Post confirmed my post:

NY Post confirms Geno's World's Holly Robinson Peete "The Talk" post from 4 days ago
The NY Post brought up claims that Julie Chen was the reason that Holly & Leah Remini were being fired and the reason that Sharon Osbourne was taking a break from the show. It didn't seem right to me. I knew for a fact that Holly was being asked to clean out her dressing room & that she wasn't being released from her contract. But Julie couldn't be the cause. Right?

Yesterday, two articles appeared in Business Insider. One featured a CBS source that defended Julie Chen & said that Holly was officially let go: (My source called this first artcile "LIES")
CBS: Rumors Of Les Moonves's Wife Julie Chen Going Evil-Dictator On "The Talk" Are "Rubbish"

Soon after, another source defended Holly & said that she indeed was being handcuffed & not able to pursue a new job:
Is Holly Robinson Peete Getting Screwed By CBS And "The Talk"?

I talked to my trusted CBS source just now. I can confirm that Julie Chen is indeed behind Leah Remini being fired & Holly Robinson being shown the door. My source calls Ms.Chen a "Scary, scary lady" who is "running CBS". The NY Post articles about Chen threatening Holly & her co-hosts are sadly true. My source says that Holly is STILL in limbo. She still can't seek new employment & is suffering the embarrassment of being asked to empty her dressing room. "It's just cruel to hold someone from opportunity. And her paycheck! She has kids to support, including one sweet boy with special needs. It's mean and being done with no reason."

Shame on you CBS! Shame.