CBS won't officially release Holly Robinson Peete, but orders her to clean out her dressing room for her replacement. BOO CBS!!

Holly Robinson Peete has long been a favorite of mine. When I was a teenager, I LOVED watching her every week on "21 Jump St."! Her touching work with autism charities, her openness about her autistic son & her HollyRod charity have made her a fan favorite of millions around the globe. Holly has been in the news quite a bit lately. Her show "The Talk" had a successful 1st season & has a loyal, loving audience. Recently rumors have swirled that Holly & co-host Leah Remini would not be asked back for season 2. Holly has not responded to the rumors other than to say that she has not received any official word & is ready to return. This week, new rumors have emerged with rumors about Holly & Leah's replacements. Yet, still no official word. Holly has continued to remain silent. I expected no less. Holly is a strong woman, a strong fighter, but not one to throw people under the bus. She tweeted this morning: "Good Morning! Some1 I truly respect just reminded me that you can't control what happens to you-but you CAN control how you respond..." CLASS!!

I however can't say the same thing about the way Holly is currently being treated by "The Talk" executives. I have been in contact with a CBS insider & I'm truly shocked at what I've learned. The insider talked to me this morning: "They notified Leah but won't "officially" release Holly to get another gig...basically because they have no cause. Yet they had the gall to ask Holly to clean out her dressing room for the new girl...disgusting treatment!!"
Ugh! Nobody deserves to be treated that way, especially a woman like Holly. Shame on you CBS! Do the right thing CBS, treat Holly with love & respect!!!