Update on my battle with cancer: Things to live for

It's been an interesting few weeks since I discovered that I have cancer. Lots of emotional talks with family and friends. Lots of soul searching. I realize how much I love my life and how much I want to continue living it. I love my family so much and I want to be there for them. My friends are awesome. I want our friendships to continue. I love my job. I want to keep working hard for a cause I love. I love Geno's World. I want it's mission to continue.

 And then there's the fun stuff. "Breaking Bad" isn't coming back until next summer. I HAVE TO SEE HOW IT ENDS! I MUST LIVE!!! I'm at the end of reading the last "Game of Thrones" book "Dance with Dragons". Holy crap. I can't die before I learn what happens to my favorite characters. Alyssa Milano has a new ABC series starting next year. I can't imagine not seeing it! Julie Benz's SYFY series doesn't premiere for a while. I HAVE to see her pretty face on TV again!!

It's interesting what goes through your head when faced with a serious illness. I promise to keep fighting hard. I promise to win. I promise to see what the hell Walter White does next on "Breaking Bad".......
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