An update about my battle with cancer

I hate being a whiner. Poor me? Bah!!! I'm blogging about my battle with cancer because it helps my fight emotionally. I also want people to learn from my experience. Things aren't right with your body? Get a colonoscopy. Doctor says you are too young? Go to a different doctor! If you are a woman, don't hesitate getting a mammogram. It may save your life.

This past week, I met with two different surgeons. They will perform surgery on me after the chemo has hopefully done it's job. I meet with a chemo and a radiation doctor early this week and I hope to start treatment in the near future. This past week was  filled with more scans and exams than I count. I am grateful that I am being cared for so well!

My spirits remain high. The news isn't great, but I am in great hands. My attitude has been  helped a tremendous amount by the support I have received from YOU!!! I received a phone call from Michael Chiklis this week that is still making me smile. How can I go wrong when Michael is in my corner? James Morrison also gave me a moving pep talk via phone. The White Haired Man has such a kind soul!! Jenny McCarthy, Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs, Nia Vardalos, Chris Gorham, Josh Groban, Julie Benz, Kristen Johnston, Jeri Ryan, Bianca Kajlich, Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku, Clare Kramer, Autumn Reeser, Holly Marie Combs & Jaimie Alexander have all sent me their support publicly and privately. I thank you all. The support has brought me to tears at times. But in a good way. I am so moved and feel so strong with this support!

My Twitter and Facebook pals have been tremendous. Renee sent me a fabulous "I'm Making Cancer My Bitch" t-shirt. Lori's daily hugs make me feel loved! Martha's video touched me deeply. Cora's advice was so great and on and on. I can't thank everyone, but please know that every single e-mail, tweet, Facebook comment etc. means the world to me. I will win! I promise.