Crap. I have cancer

This isn't easy to write. I'm not exactly sure why I'm writing this. I don't know if this is the "right" thing to do. But here goes. Yes, I have cancer. I'm pissed. I'm scared. I've cried. I've been having issues over several months and have visited the emergency room and my primary care doctor a few times. This week, I took it upon myself to visit a specialist. The news wasn't good. Yesterday's tests showed that I have a mass that looks to be cancer. Today's scans show that it looks like it spread. Fuck. I meet with a cancer specialist next week to plan a course of action. I was upbeat until I heard the news about it spreading and I visited google. Fuck. I wasn't ready to have a death sentence. I'm not ready to die. Geno's World has been so rewarding for me. I'm going to continue to run the site "as usual" as much as I can. (Yes, my last post was about Holly Madison's pregnancy.) Posting things like that make me feel "normal". :) Anyway, I kindly ask for your prayers, good thoughts and your support. Please continue to support the site and the charities that I promote. My friends and supporters have made my life a great one. I need you more than ever now. Thanks for being there!

I found myself thinking about James Morrison's boy Seamus and his courageous battle. Seamus, I am using you as my hope. Your courage and strength were always inspiring to me. Now even more so.