Friday, June 30, 2006

Coco causes international incident

Courtney Cox Arquette's baby Coco has started a huge internet stir. How do you say does an small child do that? It grabs it's famous mother's bikini top and reveals mom's assets. I believe Coco just wanted to get back at Mom for naming it Coco. I looked at the pictures & Court looks great. She's 42 and looks fabulous. The kid is cute too. I'm not posting the pictures, because I've got tremendous class. Ya that's right...Class baby!!! If you must look go to


Draya said...

Geno, I saw you comments at:

Where's Suri Cruise? Frikkin' hilarious!!

And Courtney Cox ought to go topless more often!

Geno said...

Thanks draya!
Us magazine is trying to block me from posting there. Apparantly I've drawn too many people to my blog. Oh well.

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Geno said...

Funny but, I heard that visiting that video game blog gave you ghonorea.

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