"The Talk" hosts throw Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini under the bus on Howard Stern. Fans upset. :(

First off, I didn't make the graphics for the videos. Although they are sadly appropriate for this story. Sharon, Osbourne, Sara Gilbert & Julie Chen were guests on the Howard Stern show this morning. Howard is the best interviewer on the planet. He finally got the women to talk about Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini leaving the show. Not one word has been spoken on air about Holly & Leah since they were fired. Fans have been wanting answers. Today they got answers.....kind of.

(Starting at 6:30 of video 2, then again at the 12:00 mark of video two and then at the start of video 3, the women respond to Howard's honest questions.)
Julie Chen paints Holly & Leah as not being able to phrase things a certain way. For instance of saying "allegedly" when talking about Casey Anthony. Julie was afraid that CBS would get sued. Wait......for talking badly about a woman that KILLED HER DAUGHTER?????? Sigh.
Sharon Osbourne hinted that Leah & Holly "didn't know who they were".....Huh??? I don't know two women who are solid & know who they are as Leah & Holly are!! Sharon also said that she talked to Julie and said that she thought that the pair "weren't working" on the show. What garbage. I expected better from Sharon.

I admit it, I'm a fan of both Holly & Leah. Both are classy, kind & talented. They didn't deserve this treatment & they don't deserve hearing their "friends" talk badly about them on the radio.
Fans of Holly & Leah are raging on Twitter & Facebook about the interview. Rightly so.

Holly is currently starring on "Mike & Molly" & is doing fabulous work at http://hollyrod.org/
Leah is working on an exciting new project with ABC. She is supporting many great charities at http://www.leahremini.com/home.html#/blog
Support these two great women. They deserve your love & respect!!

UPDATE: http://www.genogenogeno.com/2011/12/cbs-source-reveals-sharon-osbourne.html