Monday, December 12, 2011

"The Talk" hosts throw Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini under the bus on Howard Stern. Fans upset. :(

First off, I didn't make the graphics for the videos. Although they are sadly appropriate for this story. Sharon, Osbourne, Sara Gilbert & Julie Chen were guests on the Howard Stern show this morning. Howard is the best interviewer on the planet. He finally got the women to talk about Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini leaving the show. Not one word has been spoken on air about Holly & Leah since they were fired. Fans have been wanting answers. Today they got answers.....kind of.

(Starting at 6:30 of video 2, then again at the 12:00 mark of video two and then at the start of video 3, the women respond to Howard's honest questions.)
Julie Chen paints Holly & Leah as not being able to phrase things a certain way. For instance of saying "allegedly" when talking about Casey Anthony. Julie was afraid that CBS would get sued. Wait......for talking badly about a woman that KILLED HER DAUGHTER?????? Sigh.
Sharon Osbourne hinted that Leah & Holly "didn't know who they were".....Huh??? I don't know two women who are solid & know who they are as Leah & Holly are!! Sharon also said that she talked to Julie and said that she thought that the pair "weren't working" on the show. What garbage. I expected better from Sharon.

I admit it, I'm a fan of both Holly & Leah. Both are classy, kind & talented. They didn't deserve this treatment & they don't deserve hearing their "friends" talk badly about them on the radio.
Fans of Holly & Leah are raging on Twitter & Facebook about the interview. Rightly so.

Holly is currently starring on "Mike & Molly" & is doing fabulous work at
Leah is working on an exciting new project with ABC. She is supporting many great charities at
Support these two great women. They deserve your love & respect!!



gaga said...

Sharon am very shocked thought u were there friends.Your mouth is always nice either.Julie who do u think you are all that.I ued to like u but wouldnt trust u at all to do this to 2 great ladies.That are better off without that show back stabbers.

Jared Lich said...

Sara lied. Leah basically hates Sara because she feels that Sara shoulda stuck up for her. Leah would have never talked to her. Sharon, I'm the most disappointed in. These girls need to take laxative because they are full of s***!!!

Anonymous said...

I lost all respect for Sharon after listening to the HS's interview. I stopped watching The Talk after finding out that Leah and Holly were no longer on. Despite their claiming the rating are up is LMAO funny. I smell BS. I will NEVER watch anything Sharon is on again....then again she doesn't care.

lalalinda said...

I never liked the show much, the original intent for the show is not even close to what is on it. .And Julie gets on my very last nerve...she acts like she has the queen of england stuck up her a$$

Anonymous said...

I quit watching the show when Leah and Holly were let go. I loved it back in the first season, I too thought all these women were friends, how wrong that was. I think the show is very dull, the couple of times I tuned in, it does not have the same dynamic, and I hope it tanks.

Anonymous said...

I have completely forgotten about this show ever since Holly and Leah were let go. Is it still on?? We all know Julie is behind all of this and at any moment the other puppets (aka co-hosts) can be asked to leave. Leah and Holly have moved on and found out the truth behind these women..they moved on and so should the rest of us...quit watching like I did and hopefully the show will not be renewed next season.

Anonymous said...

julie chen, sarah whatever her name is and sharon or shannon , are all JEALOUS OF LEAH AND HOLLY. stupid people I hate the talk and will never watch it and haven't watched it since leah and holly were kicked out.. IT SUCKS NOW .. SO BAD ...

Anonymous said...

Sharon acted like she was having fun with both Leah & Holly when they were on the show. Finally,come out to say,they weren't working. Holly nor Leah are trained reporters like Julie Chen is.All because of the word "allegedly" or 'in my own opinion". I thought the show was great with Leah and Holly.They were real.They were talking like mothers as the show was to be all about.Saying whats on your minds.Screw the show,hope it nose dives.Tanks big time. Advertisers pull out.No one on the panel knows how to interview.Im back at the VIEW with Joy who is no comedian. Sherri,never knows what to say. Barbra acting all uppity. Whoopi is the coolest one

Anonymous said...

I never thought Sharon was a mean spirited person until I heard her today. I just hate suck up's and that's exactly what they ALL did with Howard...BTW No one cares about your sex life Sharon, especially up your big butt hole. The ratings must be pretty bad for them to go on Howard and talk about this all now. I know I've been so over that show.

Anonymous said...

This is a class act show of trashy women! Truth and loyalty is rare among women and this show is proof of that! I am truly sorry that Leah and Holly were treated this way they were very entertaining!

Duffy said...

Sarah stood up for Julie (it's not her fault), although she did quietly say she could lose her job at any time, too.... Julie - I have nothing to say about her, cannot stand the woman.

Sharon, I always like you and your relationship with both Leah and Holly. Either you were faking it or you have no problem at all stabbing people in the back and being two-faced in order to keep your job. Either way, you've lost any respect I ever had for you. The things you said today were sickening.

I'm so glad I quit watching The Talk the day I learned Leah and Holly wouldn't be coming back, because after what I heard in the HS interview today, the mere sight of the three of you would probably make me vomit.

Anonymous said...

Sharon and Sara, what show were you watching when you said it wasnt working or felt wrong??? Sara you had the idea for the show, and Sharon usually gets attention, but something tells me that you both were jealous of the attention and spotlight that Leah and Holly were getting. They say you have no friends in Hollywood, you all showed us today that statement is true. Feel bad for your new co hosts, tick tock, tick tock, you'll be gone too.

Anonymous said...

I know I am treading on dangerous ground here, but I don't think any of us know what Leah and Holly were like to work with or what was really going on behind the scenes. I couldn't even understand what Julie and Sharon were on about becausae it sounded like they were trying to skirt around the whole issue, which is impossible with Stern because he just badgers and badgers to get it out of you. There are so many rumors going around about disagreements between some of the old co-hosts so who knows what is true and what isn't.

I do have to say that Leah (not Holly) hasn't exactly handled this very maturelly either. Leah is always getting her 'fans' riled up on twitter. At least Holly has moved on to other projects, Leah is just her usual whiny obnoxious self. And in response to someone saying that Leah hates Sara for not sticking up for her, can you honestly blame Sara?!?! Leah constantly belittled , interrupted and made fun of Sara in a very unprofessional way which I've heard also played a role in her contract being renewed.

Note to self Leah: in the future don't treat one of your bosses like shit and just feign if off as teasing. No one was buying it.

Anonymous said...

Why would they go on Howard?...Publicity! Everyone has moved on now and they want to talk about Holly and Leah now? Those Three Stooges deserve each other. Trash, Pure trash. They all were disgusting.They should all be ashamed. and If you thinking we're buying that rating up crap you are crazy!!!!!

KathyB said...

Can't agree more with you all. Sharon (so disappointed in her), Julie & Sara HYPOCRITES!!!!!! What a joke and how chickensh*# of all of them. Love Aisha but still never watching the show.

Anonymous said...

I've seen trailers of guest on the show even those don't seem very interesting even with those promos coming out it seems to have gone in a very trashy way and this is supposed to be a show as mother's with kids? Anyway, doing that interview tells me one thing. Desperate for ratings. Very disappointed in Sharon today.

KathyB said...

I bet Ali feels a bit betrayed like Leah & Holly after this interview. Turns out prissy Sara is not so goodie-too-shoes I know better than all vegan princess. And as a Leah Twitter follower I am calling BS on her "getting fans riled up" and she had every right to do so if she did. The show & the cast handled the whole thing so poorly, if they had addressed it properly at the start it would not be the issue it is now. I too hope it tanks. Even more after listening to this interview. Again HYPOCRITES.

Melissa said...

LMAO. I love this just for the fact everyone pro L/H were praising Sharon and how Sharon fought Julie. LOL. The only sane one is Sara. I do think it is time Geno you stop fueling this stupid 'feud' let's move on this is not the first time in Hollywood where life ain't fair and you don't need to keep whining because that is what it comes off as. I love Julie Chen "excusing" cheating people. Ahh. Hypocrisy. Sometimes just let the people themselves show their fakeness.

BTW, what happened to Leah Remini's face?! I've seen her sister and hers wasn't wax like. Leah lay off the plasticity girl. You will be ok.

chenry said...

Omg that interview with Howard Stern was totally degrading for the ladies of The Talk! What were they thinking?! I have watched the show a few times since Holly and Leah "disappeared", They were the life of the show and I think it is horrible now! I also think that Sara, Sharon and Julie totally disrespected both ladies and I hope the show is CANCELED!!!

Anonymous said...

The person I recall using the word 'allegedly' was Sharon. Half of the time she doesn't even know who the guests are, and the other half she sounds intoxicated. Julie is so boring and proper. As far as Sara goes, i thought she was friends with Leah. Disgusting Ladies! Don't tell me your ratings are up. You lost like 10,000 facebook followers since the firing of the two best hosts!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a promotion of the Talk in New York. If the promo is any indication of how the show is now. I'm embarrassed for them. It's just plain silly and just stupid. I don't know what Sara's change in personality is now, but it's not attractive embarrassing for her kids. Sharon has never been a class act and proved that in the interview. Julie is just a plastic bitch. Ever seen the before and after face photos?
There is no way the ratings are up with that bunch! Nasty Bitches

Anonymous said...

A$$holes. Can't stand them. Especially cannot stand Julie. I was always happy when she was away. I have not watched the show since Holly and Leah left.

Anonymous said...

Now that was pathetic! An all new low! Vile women

Anonymous said...

Wow what a desperate attempt for attention. The show is an absolute failure now. Now way the ratings are up. They are just trying to save their asses/show.

Anonymous said...

All the plastic surgery can't fix ugly on the inside,r:4,s:0

suzanne said...

First Howard has 10x the ratings that The Talk has...even on their best day. They are lucky that he even booked them! The people that watch The Talk are not exactly in his demo!

Holly got them the Oprah interview because theyre friends and Leah got J.Lo and Chelsea Handler because she is BFs with them.

I don't know why Holly got fired but I now see why Leah did. She was always yelling! Screaming Sharon or Sara's name at the top of her lungs...even of she was joking, it became too much. Also, Julie's point about how you have to say "allegedly" or "in my opinion" is spot on. You can't go on a rant about how Casey Anthony is a murderer after she's been acquitted....and for weeks beforehand. It doesn't matter if we all think she is.....legally, you can't say that. Sounds like Julie was trying to say that they would cover this in the staff meeting but Leah did it anyway.

I really do not watch the show anymore. I definitely miss them and I do not like who they have added. Also, julie said that they have had their highest ratings this season. They had their highest ratings when JLo was on and their first week on the air.

Leah had dome great moments but was such an antagonist with Sara especially and with her personality, I think it was difficult enough for her to talk about her lifestyle and to open up. Then you have Leah yelling ALL the time and sitting right on top of you....leaning over the table....staring at you just inches away from your face....just waiting to yell. It was very unprofessional and I've never seen it that happen daily in a round table situation like that. People don't act like that on other round table shows like The View or even Chelsea Lately or any other round table shows. Regardless, I don't know what Holly did wrong. I don't think Cheryl or Aisha are bringing much of a fan base with them...and CU is a loose cannon.

Before Howard, I really did side with leah. But now that I think about it, I remember all the times that she would belittle anyone that disagreed with her. She would do it is sort of a joking way, but it was so obnoxiously loud in she would tell people to shut the top of her lungs.

Remember how they would talk about private parts and how leah and her daughter referred to her vagina as her "cupcake" and the others disagreed and she would SCREAM at them that it was disgusting to refer to it is as a vagina. I just don't think that leah is meant for live tv. I think that she is iffy recounted actress in actually can be very funny in the moment, by dads group dynamic design for her. If you go on youtube and watch her interview with chelsea handler when she got the show but before it started airing, she made jokes about the fact that we had such a big mouth and see where is in really doesn't have interest in the politicians or celebrities and she joked did she wouldn't have much to contribute to a show like that. I just think she was too loud and passive-aggressive......and austin just plain aggressive. I know that the women didn't sound that good on howard stern and kind of sounded like they were backstabbing, but I think they were really just trying to be honest. I think sharon was, at least. She has a long history w/HS and doesnt lie to him. Up until that interview, no one commented on the firing. Sharon was flat out asked by howard, and until then it wasnt her place to respond to it. She is not an E.P. or married to the president of she had to be careful.

I do agree that HRP has much more going on in is clearly moved on, and leah has it handled the firing quite as well. I think HRP handled it with much more grace, and I don't think The Talk is going to last. Look at all the publicity they got I'm just talking about it on HS. And how old is the only one up until now that had the balls to actually not only ask them about it but when they wouldn't really answer he kept pushing until he got an answer. Best interviewer ever.

Anonymous said...

Talk about desperate attempts to increase ratings and a fan base. What vile and disgusting attempts to justify firing the two most talented ladies on the talk. For Holly and Leah fans who know BS when they hear it, the best remedy is to NEVER tune in to the talk and let it die a slow death. I have never watched one episode since they thumbed their noses at Leah, Holly, and their fans. Yeah, I'm sure the show is doing just fantastic in the ratings (wink, wink). Those comments made by the talk hosts were a fiasco and nothing more than a desperate attempt to put them and the show in a favorable light by coming up with lame excuses as to why the two ladies who made the talk a household name were fired. And believe me, they did come across as desperate in concocting excuses. If Howard Sterns thinks that Leah and Holly were fired because they were not good on the talk, I strongly recommend he watch the episodes when they were on. To the contrary, they were not fired because they were not good, they were excellent on the show and they were the fans' favorites. At least Leah and Holly now know the kind of people they were working with if they didn't know before and it certainly has been an eye opener.

Anonymous said...

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