CBS source reveals truth about Sharon Osbourne & Julie Chen's Howard Stern interview

I like Sharon Osbourne. I love how she never lets anybody tell her what to say.......until now. This morning Sharon along with Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert appeared on The Howard Stern show.
Read my take here: The Talk" hosts throw Holly Robinson Peete & Leah Remini under the bus on Howard Stern. Fans upset. :(

Soon after publishing my post, I received a call from my trusted CBS source who was livid. This person knows Julie Chen & is fearful of her, but once again felt the need for the truth to be revealed. The source told me that it was shameful how the women talked about Julie & Holly. "Julie is Julie and Sara is a sweet doormat, but what most upset me was Sharon." "Sharon tears into Julie on a daily basis behind her back." "She calls her the exorcist cunt from hell and MUCH WORSE every single day." She was the ringleader of trying to get Holly & Leah and herself away from The Talk". "Those rumors of Sharon trying to get Leah & Holly to join her for an NBC show? 100% true." "Sharon wanted out badly." "It was only after she was "bribed" and given everything that she asked for did she turn her back on Holly & Leah & start drinking the "Chen Koolaid"". Chen also wanted to get rid of Sharon. "Julie not only wanted to fire Leah & Holly, but she was determined to dump Sharon." "She was told that Sharon was too big of a draw especially in the UK & had to stay."

What about the story of Sharon leaving the show to be with Ozzy and then revealing that she did it because of health (breast implant) issues? My source said "So untrue. Sharon was on her way out, but once she got everything she wanted, she came back. They just needed a plausible reason for her being away." "I love Sharon and care deeply about her health, but that story is bs." "She's a better person than this."

What about Julie's comments to Stern about Holly & Leah not being trusted to state things clearly & putting CBS at the risk of being sued? "Laughable. All the hosts wear ear pieces. If they start to say something questionable, they are told how to phrase things legally."
My source went on to tell me that they and many others at CBS know the real truth. They are all fearful of Ms. Chen and listening to the lies on Stern today troubled them. They also were puzzled & troubled that the two new co-hosts Sheryl Underwood & Aisha Taylor weren't part of the interview. "That's 100% Chen right there."

It saddens me that Sharon would talk badly about her "friends" Leah & Holly in public. And she let Julie talk nonsense about the two women to Stern. I was a bit surprised at the character assassination. Leah & Holly are two very strong women. They have risen above this crisis and have been classy throughout. But I think this might be the last straw. I wouldn't be surprised if Julie, Sara & Sharon receive papers from Holly & Leah's lawyers soon.