Miley Cyrus invites Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to go to church with her.

Cute exchange between Miley and Heidi on Twitter. I won't poke fun, I think it's very sweet that the three of them would go to church together. Good for them!
@heidimontag spencer gave me yalls # so im gonna call ya soon and we have to go shopping or something :) yall should come to church with me!

@mileycyrus anytime! I love shopping and i LOVE church even more! whenever you get back lets do something!!! im so excited! ;))) xoxo!

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Jennifer Aniston's "Management" movie is a massive flop.

I saw "Star Trek" this weekend. Fantastic!
Tom Hanks' movie got it done. Jennifer Aniston's didn't. And Star Trek made things very interesting.

Hanks' Angels & Demons managed to hold off a tenacious Trek for a No. 1 finish at the weekend box office, grossing $48 million to Captain Kirk and company's $43 million, per studio estimates today.

Aniston's new indie comedy Management, meanwhile, fizzled in limited release, averaging just $1,785 from each of its screens.....

• Management is Aniston's worst-performing movie of any kind since 2005's ill-fated Rumors Has It, which averaged $1,233 in its opening weekend. Still, Management distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films said audience exit-polling for the new comedy was strong, and maintained word of mouth would turn things around.

Video: Barack Obama's speech at Notre Dame brings protests and arrests.

Video: Jessica Alba and her baby are swarmed by paparazzi on the street.

Katie Pierce and Peter Andre split because they haven't had sex for two years!

I can't wait to hear the other side......
News of the World
The marriage of Britain's most famous fantasy girl pin-up has been virtually SEXLESS for two years.
Last night in an emotional confession to pals, 36-year-old singer Peter said: "I've been saying for a long time it was a case of 'when' not 'if' we divorced. The relationship's been going under since 2007 but I was terrified of missing the kids."
Jordan, real name Katie Price, also admitted the first sign of them heading for the rocks came when their sex life went quiet.
She told a friend: "We'd lost that passion in bed. I know it goes after a while for everyone but for us it had been so good, so important, so hot."
A pal of Peter told us: "Things haven't been right in the bedroom for almost two years. To put it bluntly, Jordan stopped fancying him. It caused big problems because she has a huge sex drive."

"When we met on I'm A Celebrity, his career was over. I turned that around. He's broken every promise. I'll never forgive him."

"I'm in complete hell, this is a nightmare. I'm ****ing angry. He's acted like a ****! I never thought he had it in him to do this."

"We lost that passion in bed. I know it goes after a while for everyone but for us it had been so good, so important, so hot."

Video: Protesters picket "Psycho Donuts". Massive Head Trauma, Bi-Polar and Psycho are among the "offensive" Donuts.

Video: John Mayer "yells" back at the paparazzi.

Video: Insane Black Sabbath fan goes crazy meeting the band! NSFW-language.

Video: Michael Jackson and his masked children attract a huge crowd at a toy store.