Alyssa Milano writres about her new ABC Pilot from "Family Guy" Ricky Blitt.

She belongs on TV...Good luck to her!

Hello! Hello!

I am hoping third times a charm! I just signed on to do another pilot for ABC. It is a comedy written by Ricky Blitt (Family Guy). The tentative title is “Threesome”. It is also being called “The Untitled Ricky Blitt Pilot”. The pilot stars Eric Christian Olsen, who can be found as his party going alter ego, “Perry Hilton”, on Funny Or Die. (Click the slidebar to watch!)

How funny is that guy? I’m looking forward to working with him. Eric plays a guy who hasn’t really grown up yet, who finds himself torn between the new love of his life and his best friend. I am playing Rebecca, who is the new love of his life.

Here is the kicker and why I’m particularly excited about this pilot… Most of the comedy scripts that I’ve read, the female leads are kind of the “straight men”; meaning that the chaos ensues around the female roles and the funny is left to the other, supporting, characters. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s just obviously not as much fun as being an active participant in the comedy. Well, much to Mr. Blitt’s credit, he has written the female character as funny as the male leads. Rebecca has a comedic voice in the script that goes toe to toe with the guys. AND… the script has a lot of heart, which as you all know is important to me.

Can you tell that I am excited? I’m excited. I’m not ecstatic about going through the whole pilot process again. It is stressful and somewhat scary. But I am happy to be going through it with such a special script and am flattered that ABC continues to give me opportunities to get a show on the air. It really is like lightening in a bottle. So many elements have to work for the execution to live up to the potential. The chemistry has to be there. The audience has to want to see how things unfold. The audience has to invest something in the characters.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will give you updates whenever I get a chance.