Aubrey O'Day blogs about Danity Kane and getting away from the past. She talks glowingly about her former bandmates!

She writes well..........

Aubrey O'Day is looking for a fresh start this year — with a Playboy pictorial and new music on the way — but before she goes forward, she's looking back and commenting on Danity Kane's apparent breakup. Last week, Dawn Richard told MTV that Danity Kane is over, and O'Day blogged in response to those comments.
"My theme this year; let go of the past, and focus on all of the beautiful things that are about to fill our future!" she blogged. "I know most of you find that relevant to me in relation to my departure from dear ol' DK.
"I've stayed away from directly responding or commenting on the negativity, or misguided views and judgments that have unfortunately been the voice of summarizing Danity Kane ... it's only fair to finally put my thoughts of DK to rest."
She noted that being in the group "was a beautiful experience, filled with all of life's wonderful ups and downs," and wrote that the reason for the split was not because the girls "suffered bad relationships, felt suffocated, unappreciated [and] sick of giving in."
In what can be assumed is her response to recent interviews with her former bandmates, she wrote, "You may be seeing expression of emotions succeeding expression of actual reality, but that does not change the reality that every girl in this group had a dream, and we fought long and hard to see it become reality."
She expressed love for her former bandmates and seems not to harbor any ill will toward them.
"I will forever be blessed to have had that experience," she wrote. "Each one of those girls is a talent to be reckoned with ... and beyond pure talent, which I hands down experienced on a daily basis from each girl, each girl really did want to be a role model and change the world in their own little way.
"And that's what made us real, what made us the truth, what made us something to believe in, and that inner desire on all of our parts has not changed."