Video: My Chemical Romance covers Bob Dylan's "Desolation Road" for "Watchmen" movie!

There's plenty of action in My Chemical Romance's brand-new video for "Desolation Row," the Bob Dylan song they covered for Zack Snyder's hotly anticipated "Watchmen" film. Unfortunately, they seem to be on the losing end of most of it.

In this exclusive clip of the video — which was directed by Snyder — MCR frontman Gerard Way sports a mean shiner and a butterfly bandage over his eye, the result of some unseen altercation. Just what did the damage? Well, you can find out for sure when the full "Desolation" video premieres on the iTunes Music Store Friday.

Keen eyes should already be able to pick out a few nods to the "Watchmen" film in the video — check the smiley face on drummer Bob Bryar's kit, and the massive Rorschach symbol the band performs in front of — but according to Way, the tie-in doesn't end there. When we spoke to him a few months back, he revealed that the song now plays a huge part in Snyder's much-discussed new ending to the film.

"I don't want to say too much, but as far as the placement right now it's integral to the ending of the film," Way said. "And that gave me goose bumps, and not because we did the song, but because it works that well, I feel."

As for the song itself, it keeps in line with the "fast and loose" ethos MCR have adopted for their still-in-the-works new album, one that Way says is going to shock a lot of longtime fans.

"Well, it was interesting, because it's punk but not in a modern punk sense. We really went for that Sex Pistols-type sound. Some people that I've played for, their first reaction was that it's British, it almost sounds like Slade," he explained. "So that was really interesting — I guess we're never really going to shake some of that British glam. But [especially on 'Desolation Row'] we're going for that Sex Pistols-type sound. In fact, when we did the guitars, we brought in Marshall heads and '50s Les Paul customs. So basically, relative things set up as the Pistols to get that sound. And the mixing was done accordingly as well. It's very distorted and it's very trashy."