Expose singer Gioia Bruno is back in secret negotiations to replace an unhappy Paula Abdul on "American Idol"???

Gioia was in Los Angeles this past week for a big Expose' concert at the Nokia Theatre Saturday night, the same venue where American Idol held their finale last year. While in town Gioia was super busy with a lavish photo shoot with celebrity photographer Matthew Cooke, working with producers on new tracks for her upcoming album, taking meetings with several mysterious studio execs, giving press interviews and even scoping out potential new neighborhoods to buy a home. A close friend of Gioia's had this to say, "The woman never stops - she even made time to go to a Lakers' game with a major entertainment exec before she went into the recording studio this past Sunday. I just wish I knew who all of these execs were. She would not tell me. What I do know is that she turned down a lunch meeting with an ABC casting director and a "Dancing With the Stars" producer, when invited. I felt that was very odd, because she has wanted to do that show. Who knows what she's got cooking?! I am sure we'll know more soon. One thing was apparent, she sure was happy while in town this time."

As long time Geno's World readers know, Gioia was very close to getting a spot on "American Idol" as the 4th judge, but lost out at the last moment to current judge Kara DioGuardi.

Gioia has not given up on her dream to become an "American Idol" judge! Paula Abdul blew up on Tuesday night's "American Idol" program and left the show in a huff over not being utilized enough due to the 4th judge. Idol producers are thrilled with the new 4 judge format and have tapped Gioia as the heir apparent to Paula. Gioia was busy all week in L.A. and had quite a number of photo shoots for potential "American Idol" press releases or other upcoming reality projects.

Gioia sat down with Denise Ames and "Rock of Love 2" winner Ambre Lake. Gioia was open about her interest in joining a reality TV program:

Singer Gioia Bruno during her “Focus in the Mix with Denise Ames” TV interview
in Los Angeles this month with TV Host Denise Ames (far left) and Co-Host/Vh1’s Rock of Love II Winner Ambre Lake (far right) (Photo by Barbra Porter)

Excerpt from TV Interview:

Ambre Lake: I’m from the reality world [Vh1's Rock of Love II]…Are you interested in doing a show?

Gioia Bruno: Do you? I do too!

Denise Ames: I saw you with the moves dancing on stage [with Expose] back in the day so I thought Dancing With The Stars would be perfect for you!

Bruno: It would be a lot of fun. We’re working on it, aren’t we Jim? (referring to her publicist Jim Strzalkowski of Media Giants)

Ames : Are you up for any type of reality show?

Bruno: I was thinking more like Survivor.

Lake: I would love to do that!

Bruno: No bug eating though! (Laughs)

A photographer contact of mine just sent me a hot new promo shot of Gioia! The photo may be used for Idol promotions or one of Gioia's upcoming reality projects in negotiations: