Peter Andre wants to climax having sex with Katie Price at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve.

What a douche. Seriously. To say something like that ALOUD??? In the PRESS?? Douche.......

Peter Andre wants to be having sex as the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. The singer has revealed it is his dream to be making love to wife Katie Price as the new year begins - but only if he can time it right.
He explained: "I'd like to see in the New Year with a bang, if you know what I mean."
"I'd love to be having sex and time it just right so that I finished at the stroke of midnight. That would be perfect - that would be the most amazing feeling."
Peter, 35, also revealed he would happily involve other people in his celebrations, but only if he and Katie were disguised.
He added: "I'd like us to go to a masked party where no one knew who we were. I'd have sex with Katie in front of people if no one recognized us."