Night Ranger rocks US troops in Cuba!!

Great to see that the guys are still going strong!
Melodic Rock:
I talked briefly with Night Ranger's Jack Blades last week to get an update on what comes next for the band. The anticipated Live In Japan 2007 release is now scheduled for late March or early April in Japan, the release held back to coincide with the band's Japanese tour in April.The latest studio album Hole In The Sun will finally get a US release via VH1 Records in April or May. Again the release is being held back to better fit possible tour plans for the band, details of which will come to light in due course.Night Ranger recently played a few Florida shows, but show one in particular will stay in the mind's of the band for a while to come. While down South the guys took a detour to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to play for the US troops stationed there. Jack had this comment on the trip: "Night Ranger going to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to play for the troops is right up there as one of the wildest things we have ever done. We have been all over the world but never have we sung "You Can Still Rock In America" in a Communist country with armed Cubans watching us in guard towers just a few clicks away. Everyone was so appreciative of us being there, and seeing them rock out was the greatest. We were given a tour of the detention facilities, got the REAL story firsthand and went face to face with the detainees (nice staredown moment that I shall not soon forget). Saw it all and it made us even more appreciative for what our U.S. soldiers, sailors, marines and airman are doing to keep us safe. They're doing their part so we'll keep doing our part. Rock in in America baby!" Jack Blades / Night Ranger.