Man who robbed "Lost"'s Josh Holloway to spend 30 years in prison.

Scary stuff........
A man charged with a string of home invasion robberies in 2005, including the holdup of "Lost" star Josh Holloway, has reached a plea agreement that will put him behind bars for 30 years.
Ruben Royce, 23, pleaded guilty Friday to 34 offenses, including kidnapping, first-degree robbery, burglary and auto theft, stemming from four home invasion robberies. He agreed to a 30-year prison term when he is sentenced April 29............
Royce broke into the Holloways' home in the early-morning hours through window louvers. He threatened the Holloways, took their wallets, including their credit cards, and drove off in their Mercedes-Benz, Arrisgado said.
"They were just scared. They thought they were going to get killed. This guy was very vicious and had no hesitation in pointing the gun in their face," he said.
Marshall said Royce did not know Holloway was a TV star until after the robbery. Holloway plays "Sawyer" on the ABC castaway drama, which is filmed on Oahu.