Links that look forward to Easter!

Marillion performing "Easter" live in 1990. A beautiful, haunting track!

Mariah Carey walks the dog. Ayyyy!

Alyssa Milano signs pucks at the NHL All Star Game! Celebrity Pictures

More Britney Spears mayhem! Celebrity Puke

Monkey tries to rip Christina Ricci's breast off! Celebrity Smack

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are still together. Celebslam

Evangeline Lilly returns to TV! Fire Cubed

Hayden Panettiere meets & backs Barack Obama! Hayden's Countdown

Chinese Condom company uses David Beckam to sell more condoms??!! Holy Candy

Ali Larter looking gorgeous! In Case You Didn't Know

Robyn remixes Snoop Dog! lovebscott

Blake Lively photoshoot! NewsToob

Rihanna fights AIDS! Popbytes

Vodka think of Lindsay Lohan's behavior? Splash

Sarah Jessica Parker shoots "Sex & The City" print ad! Televisionista

Gwen Stefani is pregnant! We Love Celebs!