Classic Richie Sambora CDs released. Recorded when Richie was 19!

Shark Frenzy is actually a decent Rock band name..........
Sonic Past:
Before there was Bon Jovi there was Shark Frenzy. This stuff is unreal! Richie Sambora and his pal Bruce Foster at 19 years old, never before released.
When I first came across the Shark Frenzy tapes given to me by Bruce Foster, I figured that this could be a good product because of Richie Sambora being in the band. As we developed the product, remastering, artwork, etc., I had the opportunity to listen to the music, and voila, I was a fan. To hear these guys play at 18 and 19 years old - wow, they kicked butt! Great guitar work, great music. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a blast from the past - never before released in the U.S.A.