Rachel Stevens can't keep her eyes off of Cameron Diaz.

Leonard Nimoy will appear in new Star Trek Movie. Take that Shatner!

Kelly Clarkson gives in. She plans on having Davis guide her next album's direction.

Seal the Deal with Stevie Jewel!

Depp to get "Dark Shadowed"

Links that remember Neal Schon's wild hair.

Rachel McAdams new ring has people buzzing about engagement to Ryan Gosling.

Reiko to fight Aliens & Predators.

If you look at Lauryn Hill, she will attack you with water bottles.

Bono making time with Penelope Cruz?

Rumer Willis caught in hotel room with drug arrest. Is she the next Lindsay?

Phil Collins says Gensis tour is a pain in the arse.

All is well with Pitt and Jolie. Or is it?

LInks still waiting to hear back from Evan Rachel Wood's PR people.

The Hoff says drunken video gave him closure.

Will Scarlett Johansson let me move into one of her seven bathrooms?

Cure Lindsay Lohan game.

Evangeline Lilly complains about fame, living in Hawaii, working on Sundays and Lost.

Kate Moss moves in with Ron Wood. Is she the 5th Rolling Stone?

Nicole Richie to whine to Diane Sawyer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants rules changed so he can be President.

Lost news.

Pirate Master cancelled. Aargh!

Madonna gets angry when son is called "Lucky Bastard".

Links that know that milk is good for you. (Even when David Ortiz pours it over your head)

An open letter to newly single Jessica Alba.

More evidence that Paula Abdul is bonkers.

Kiss drummer gets mellow for new CD.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is #1.....on worst album list.

Cameron Diaz watched Indiana Jones twice a day to get her Harrison Ford fix.

Penelope Cruz L'Oreal ad called a sham.

"24" to be more environmentally friendly.

Keeley Hazell has great acting chops.

Save Hayden!!!

Has Paris turned the page?

Evan Rachel Wood's PR firm takes my call, but will not answer pregnancy question directly.

Gwyneth Paltrow rejected for movie role because she's too old.

Links waiting in line for The Iron Man movie...already.

Hillary Duff makes a 9 year old girl cry.

David Ortiz sued for $1 million.

Penthouse & Playboy model calls Marcus Allen "Creepy and scary".

Lindsay Lohan arrested for DUI again....

Kylie Minogue comeback song with be very "Cultured"

Lindsay Lohan bets that she can bed Beckham.

Jennifer Love Hewitt called "Hippo Hips" on set.

Kelly Clarkson sinks even deeper.

Natalie Portman warns that she's going to be very very angry over fake nude pictures.