Friday, November 16, 2007

Angelina Jolie hates Jennifer Aniston's close relationship with Brad Pitt's Mother.

Isn't Thanksgiving supposed to be a time of thanks and caring?.........
Actress Angelina Jolie hasn't done so well with trying to warm up to lover Brad Pitt's parents, and with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston in the picture, it makes it all the harder. Reports say that the "Tomb Raider" star is quite frustrated with Aniston's 'sneaky' relationship with Brad Pitt's mother.
It has been reported that Pitt's mother, Jane, has invited Aniston to her Missouri home for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday next week. Last year, Pitt's mother spent the holiday with Aniston in her Malibu home.
Tensions have gotten so bad, that Jolie has even threatened to disown Jane if she continues her friendship with Aniston, reports Ireland Online.
The web site says that Tiffany Law, a pal of the former "Friends" actress, tells Britain's 'Star' magazine: "Jen sees no reason to stop (contact with Jane). They speak on the phone at least once a month and exchange cards and e-mails. But, apparently, it makes Ange's skin crawl."
She continues: "Ange has pulled no punches, and has made it clear to Brad that there will be no family harmony while Jane keeps up her friendship (with Aniston). But Brad has told Ange that what his mother does in her free time is her own business."
Aniston and Pitt divorced in 2005 after four years of marriage.

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