Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard's PDA make fellow gym patrons squirm.

If Kate Hudson wanted to make out with me in public, I would not put up a fight.
Kate Hudson has shocked her fellow gym-goers by enjoying steamy kissing sessions with her boyfriend Dax Shepard in between workouts.
The Almost Famous star – who is in training for her new movie The Bachelor No. 2 - managed to include the comedian in her exercise routine at The Sports Club in Boston, Massachusetts.
An eyewitness tells Irish newspaper the Sunday World, "In between sets they would make out."She was on one side of the bench and he was on the other and every time she'd finish a set they'd have these long, long make-out sessions.
"If anyone else was doing it I think someone would have asked them to stop."
Kate has been dating Shepherd since she split from her You, Me & Dupree co-star Owen Wilson earlier this year.
Pictures of the couple kissing are rumoured to have been behind Wilson's attempted suicide attempt in August.
The actress is currently divorcing her husband rocker Chris Robinson.