Jessica Biel has mad soccer skills.

Do not challenge Jessica Biel to a soccer match. She'd kick your ass...
We all know she's scoring with Justin, but did you know that Jessica Biel is also an ace on the football field?
If you ever wondered how the actress honed that fabulous body, you need look no further than her footie-playing past.
She talks next month's (Sept 07) Empire magazine through one particularly memorable goal: “My team mates were like, ‘Noooo, don’t give her the ball!’ And my then boyfriend was there — I mean he never came — and I came running up the right side and hit it, I mean hit it perfectly — pwoh!”
“It was an awesome, awesome goal,” she adds.
And as for the boyfriend?
“...that boyfriend ended up being a total idiot anyway. Ugh, I wasted my big goal on you…”