Fan takes ring off of Tim McGraw's finger at concert.

I've been to my share of concerts. I'm proud to say that I've never grabbed a performers crotch or taken jewelry off their person. Both have happened to Tim McGraw in a short time span....
The crowd at Tim McGraw's concert in Louisiana last Saturday really couldn't keep their hands off the country singer. This time, they grabbed his jewelry. In a second video from the Cajundome show now circulating online, McGraw is seen moving along a row of fans during the show, reaching out to touch them, when one of them pulls a ring off his left hand. Realizing it's gone, McGraw stops and questions a woman in the front row, while another woman nearby waves her arm, apparently trying to get his attention, possibly holding the ring. McGraw motions to security to help him as the video cuts out. It's unclear from the video whether the woman grabbed the ring accidentally or not. But a source tells PEOPLE that the ring was eventually returned to the country star. The incident wasn't the only uncomfortable close encounter for McGraw that evening. At the same show, another fan grabbed him in the crotch, prompting wife Faith Hill, who is touring with her husband, to give the fan a piece of her mind. "Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend," Hill said. Hill's comments were also captured on camera, and the clip hit YouTube briefly on Monday before being taken down.