Pregnant Charlotte Church kicks cheating fiance out of house.

The woman with the voice of an angel used her demon voice on fiance Gavin Henson when she learned about his infidelity. The enraged singer threw the cheater of of their home and back into his Mother's house. If that's not bad enough, Charlotte's Mom is pissed and screaming at Gavin in heated phone conversations. Oh those crazy kids.......Daily Mail : A source close to the couple revealed: "Gavin is gutted that he got caught out, but Charlotte isn't listening to any of his excuses.
"She is very angry at the moment and, when she found out, she flew into a rage." ...........The source said: "Maria has been yelling down the phone at him. She is very, very protective of her daughter, so understandably she is livid.
"She is disappointed in Gavin. She thought that he was a lovely boy but she now knows that she is wrong. She is devastated for Charlotte."