Alec Baldwin pleads with the public not to see his "new" movie.

I posted about the Alec Baldwin/Jennifer Love Hewitt movie "Shortcut To Happiness" in the past. I didn't realize how big of a turkey the movie actually is. Now I HAVE to see this!...NY Post: ALEC Baldwin is bracing himself for a new nightmare - a certifiable turkey of a movie he produced, directed and starred in years ago, but thought would never be released, is on its way to theaters this week.
And the incendiary actor is trying to do some 11th-hour damage control, begging his fans to steer clear of what he's calling an "unrecognizable film."
"The Devil and Daniel Webster," originally shot in early 2001, has been retitled "Shortcut to Happiness" and will open in six cities this Friday the 13th - despite the fact, as Page Six reported several years ago, it's "said to be so bad it is unreleasable." Baldwin's only consolation is that distributor Yari Film Group has yanked his name as director and producer, replacing it with the bizarre pseudonym "Harry Kirkpatrick."