If you look at Lauryn Hill, she will attack you with water bottles.

Lauryn Hill is Madonna like. (Kind of). Instead of demanding that people look her directly in the eye like Madonna, she demands that they not make eye contact. She also is trying the "Don't speak to me unless I speak first" shtick.....sigh.
Lauryn Hill is not winning any new fans.
The former Fugee has been putting in some questionable performances around the world and is now taking her bad behavior off stage.
The singer has reportedly made some crazy demands of her entourage while in Norway. According to reports, Lauryn demanded that all of her bodyguards be black, not make eye contact with her and no one could speak to her unless spoken to first.
One gusty security guard broke the rules and looked at the star and allegedly Lauryn started throwing water bottles at him.
At the beginning of July, crowds of people walked out of her London gig before of a bad performance filled with out-of-tune vocals.