Bono making time with Penelope Cruz?

Bono is married isn't he? The press is abuzz with reports that the U2 front man has been seen cuddling with Penelope Cruz late into the night. Say it isn't so....
Bono and Penelope Cruz have been spotted looking rather smitten in the French Riviera.
The pair were photographed leaving a French nightclub hand-in-hand at 4am – and shared the same car home.
They were also spotted holding hands the following day as they took a harbourside stroll with former-model Helena Christensen.
Bono and Penelope looked very intimate indeed” a source told The Daily Mirror “They were very touchy feely
“When they piled into the car together. Penelope gazed at him accordingly.”
Bono, who is married and with four children - is said to be Cruz’s 'hero' because of his devotion to charity work.The Volver star, has been romantically linked to several high profile celebrities in the past months - including actor Oliver Martinez.