I won't be back.

There's quite a bit of fighting going on behind the scenes of the proposed "Terminator" relaunch. Studios were planning on revamping the film series with a new trilogy of films. Arnold will not be a part of the project. If the studios are looking for an Arnold lookalike, give me a call....
EntertainmentWise :
Plans to release a new trilogy of ‘Terminator’ movies may not eventuate - after the new owners of the franchise - Halcyon Company are taking MGM to court amid claims that the latter studio is complicating attempts to push forward with production.
MGM claims it still owns the distribution rights to the ‘Terminator’ films - after a deal made with the now defunct production company Orion in 1990.
Halcyon have committed to three more killer-robot films, after acquiring the rights earlier this year. It’s believed that the company, in addition to releasing new versions of the DVDs, want to ‘reboot’ the franchise in the same way that the Bond and Batman franchises have.
The sad news for fans, however, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger has no intention of returning to the series