Danielle Llyod has trouble walking after living the 50 Cent experience.

I'm not sure if this story was started by 50 Cent himself, but here goes. Danielle Llyod apparently hooked up with the rapper and the reviews are glowing....
Danielle Lloyd has been dumped by footballer Marcus Bent after her steamy sex session with rapper 50 cent.
According to sources the wannabe WAG had her eyes set on the blingin’ rapper at his Hammersmith Apollo gig last week.
When Fiddy caught up with the buxom babe backstage he invited her back to his £2,500-per-night suit at the Landmark Hotel in West London, where they took a trip to the Candy Shop.
“Danielle was bragging to pals about how big he was – all over” a source told the Daily Mirror “She said he’s a mega-star in more ways than one.”
According to another source Lloyd “looked a bit wobbly after her late night.”
Dani was reportedly rejected by Take That star Jason Orange at the Di Concert the day before she met the rapper.
Judging by the way she was walking, we're sure she didn't mind.