Charlotte Church's man insists all is well, nothing to see here, move along.......

Charlotte Church's beau's agent fired back at reports yesterday saying that Charlotte had kicked her man out of the house.
StarPulse: However, rugby ace Henson's agent Peter Underhill says, "They are still very much together and it's absolute rubbish to say they have split up." Church's webmaster on her official website writes, "I was reading an online copy of The London Lite newspaper, which was claiming that Charlotte was absolutely devastated and had kicked Gavin out of their home because of a spurious claim earlier this week by the laughable Sunday People that Gavin had been involved in an alleged incident with another woman last year. Needless to say, the whole thing is an utter figment of the great British Press's imagination."
"I'm told that Charlotte's advisers are pursuing a press complaint against The London Lite, who incidentally, have now taken the offending article down, although the print version was widely read by Londoners yesterday. Pity they didn't put in a call in the first place. It would have saved a heavily pregnant Charlotte a whole lot of unnecessary stress."