Brittany Snow sheds good girl image for her next role.

Brittany Snow is well known for her "Nice girl" roles. The talented actress will go a different route for her next role....
Hairspray actress Brittany Snow has been a bad, bad girl. In the upcoming drama Black Water Transit, Snow breaks out of her wholesome box to play the role of a troubled prostitute. “Basically, I have sex with everybody in the movie. I wear nothing the entire time,” Snow, 21, reveals in the August issue of Vegas Magazine, on newsstands August 1st.
For more revelations about the rising star (like, how she partied for 3 days straight to celebrate her 21st birthday!), check out excerpts from the interview below:
On dealing with the critical world of Hollywood:I'm a messed-up actress. I should be strong and have this thick skin, but I'm a really sensitive girl.
On hitting the Sin City scene on her 21st birthday:We were up for probably three days straight—without any drugs—but lots of alcohol and lots of coffee.
On being taken seriously for her craft, not her lifestyle:I'm really excited to show people that I am an actual actress, not just wanting to be a celebrity and go to this party and that party.