Ask Keeley the questions burning in your soul.

Keeley Hazell's official webpage is offering subscribers to her website a unique opportunity to ask Keeley the questions that they are dying to ask. I have submitted the following questions:
1. Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or The Thing?
2. Will Al Gore run for President?
3. Why are gas prices at an all time high?
4. Are Peter and Nathan really dead on "Heroes"?

"While most of us will not be lucky enough in our lives to even speak to Keeley on the internet, let alone meet her face-to-face, Team Keeley are giving all Subscribers the opportunity to post as many of their most burning questions in Keeley's personal forum (From Keeley to You).

All questions are read by Keeley, and each month she will pick her favourite top ten of which she will then answer in a special 'question and answer' feature on her blog page. So come on people don't be shy, start practising your questions now, because if you're the lucky Subscriber to win-a-date with Keeley you certainly will not want to be tongue-tied!"