Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trixie is Lost

Last night's "Lost" was another good episode. There were plenty of interesting & exciting moments. I choose to focus on the fact that "Deadwood's" "Trixie" showed up on the episode. Paula Malcomson played one of the "Others" and seemed to be an interesting badass....To my dismay, she was shot in the gut her first episode. I found myself screaming "No Trixie No!!!!". Nicky Pants said it best. "It looks like Trixie turned her last trick." I'm not sure if she'll survive next week, but I'll be watching.


Boz said...

Geno,would you agree that Trixie has great Hooters?

Geno said...

Indeed my friend. I am sure that Joe Ratz would even have to concur.

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