Joicee's Success Story

The celebrities on this page have all supported Carroll Center for the Blind. Why? What made them all donate their money, items or time? What makes this charity special?

The answer is the amazing students at the Carroll Center. For over 80 years, people of all ages have benefited from Carroll Center's unmatched services. Here is one example of the thousands of people that have been helped.

Joicee, 12, a public school student in a suburb north of Boston has been receiving services from The Carroll Center for the Blind since kindergarten. She thinks The Carroll Center for the Blind’s summer programs are fun, as well as educational. In the third grade, she started participating in our 2 week summer program, and now, as a seventh grader, she can’t wait until she can come back to the summer Independent Living Program geared for teens.

“The teen program is a lot more advanced than the other program,” she said. “It’s more challenging. They have a lot of recreational activities like goalball and rock climbing. I love goalball! And we also practice braille and do things like getting organized, which is very important.”

During the school year, Joicee keeps in touch via email and Voxr with friends that she made during the summer: Paige, Isabella, Lizzie, and others. They revel in sharing the latest in apps and technology. Joicee has worked with Orientation and Mobility Instructor, Kara Peters, since kindergarten. “I’ll never forget the time Mrs. Peters took two of us on a trip. She didn’t exactly abandon us, but she pretended she was just a stranger, and followed along at a distance without interacting with us.

“It was all set up in advance. We started out taking a bus to a shopping center. We had to go into stores and find the prices on a number of items. Then we had to meet her at a certain time and place. We even had to cross a parking lot to get there. “By the end of the trip, we were so happy. We said, ‘Yay! We did it!’ I felt awesome!”

Joicee’s mother appreciates The Carroll Center for the Blind as well. “I can see the way Joicee has become more comfortable and confident. She’s more independent. And she’s made so many good friends there; they have different vision impairments, but they have so much in common. I feel supported, too. I don’t ever have to worry about her when she’s at The Carroll Center, because I know people will help her. I’m grateful The Carroll Center will continue to be there throughout her life.”

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