Thanks for The Carroll Center for the Blind fundraiser's success!!

We raised an amazing $26,455 for The Carroll Center for the Blind!

I am so grateful. Thanks to all of you that donated, tweeted, shared it on Facebook and put up with my daily barrage of fundraising tweets!! Such a avalanche of support from celebrity pals and my Twitter/Facebook pals.

Eliza Dushku - Thanks so much E! Your donation was the largest and made me cry yesterday. You are running your own fundraiser in memory of Big Jim , and you took the time to donate huge and promote my fundraiser. I love you!!

Jonny Lee Miller - Jonny!!!!! You donated HUGE at the start of my fundraiser and got me off to a great start! We don't know each other well, it made the donation even more special. You have a pal for life. And I love seeing "Elementary" every week!

Kristin Davis - Kristin, Not only did you send me a signed "Sex and the City" DVD set, but you donated BIG!!!! You are so beautiful and kind. Proud to call you my friend!

Christa Miller & Bill Lawrence - You donated TWICE and are always there when I need you. Such kindness and love from a beautiful couple!!!!

Jenny Mollen & Jason Biggs - You continued your amazing support of Carroll Center with another great donation! I treasure our friendship & I always look forward to texting with Jenny! Your child will be a great looking genius. God, I hope it gets Jenny's looks!!! :P Jason!!! Love you man!

Rita Wilson - You really helped me literally get back on my feet again this year. You left me tickets for the amazing benefit for me and my lovely sister. I got out of my sickbed for the first time in weeks. Meeting you in person and seeing you perform live was so special. You donated to my fundraiser and I am so grateful!!

Julie Benz - JULIE!!!!!!!!!!! You tirelessly arranged an amazing "Defiance" perk that raised over $2,000 in two days!! You are so gorgeous and I love your amazing heart and your friendship!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :)

Alyssa Milano - I often say that you are the #1 reason Geno's World and my charity efforts are a success. You were the first celeb to support me and promote my site. I am always grateful for that. You have made me a better man with your kind influence. You donated yet again this year. I love you so much!

Josh Groban - DUDE!!! You donated money and signed a CCB bandanna for me as a great perk. Seeing you in concert & meeting you again recently was amazing. Such a talent. More importantly, you are such a good dude. When we were stranded at the meet & greet, you made sure that my sisters, my co-worker Janet and I were able to say hi and meet Sweeney. Love you man!

Kristen Johnston - Kristen, you are always willing to lend a helping hand! Your honesty, integrity and strength inspire me. I can't wait till we have our first kiss!!

Chris Gorham - Chris you have supported me and the Carroll Center for years now. You donated again this year and promoted the fundraiser so much! Your visit to CCB is still talked about. You are such a kind human being!!!

Kathy Najimy - Kathy, your donation of perks was a hit! I love you for your work to save horses and your wonderful soul!!

Nia Vardalos - NIA!!! Your poster donation was awesome! The "Big Fat Greek Wedding" poster & the "Life In Ruins" posters went fast! Thanks for always having my back! I love you, you Greek Goddess!!

Maria Menounos - Maria, your perks went so quickly and raised a great amount of money! You are so busy with dozens of great projects, but you made time for me. I appreciate it!!

Jenny McCarthy - JENNY!!!!!!!!! You have supported me and the Carroll Center so well over the past few years. Your kindness is only matched by your hotness. Hubba Hubba!! Thanks for being a special friend!

Bianca Kajlich - Bianca, thanks for donating again this year! Soooooooo happy for your continued success with the future hit "Undateable"! Thanks for being by my side this past year. Your phone call after my liver surgery meant a lot to me!

Michael Chiklis - Chiky!!! Your donation of perks was such a hit! Your visit to CCB and your continued kindness mean a lot to me & the Center! Thanks for all of your support this past year with my cancer fight. Love you man!

Jason O'Mara - Jason, thanks for the great donation! So happy to see you thrive on "The Good Wife" and your upcoming USA project!

Craig Bierko - Craig, I see you everywhere on TV every day. Do you ever rest? Thanks for your donation!!

Mark Ruffalo - HULKSTER!!!! Your support of so many great causes inspires me! Thanks for donating to my cause and always supporting me!!

Jeri Ryan - Jeri thanks for donating a cool perk that went quickly! You always have a kind word for me, I love you for that!!!

Ralph Macchio - Ralph my man, you continue to show that you are such a great human being! Thanks for your great perk & good luck with your new film!!

James Morrison - James, my friend! Your visit to CCB was awesome! Thanks for donating to the fundraiser! I appreciate your friendship & your outspokenness about social issues! Thanks man!

Jaime Murray - I learned how to spell your name! Thanks for donating money and being involved with the great "Defiance" perk! Love you and your sexy legs!!

Virginia Madsen - Virginia! Thank you for your generous donation. I LOVE seeing you on TV & on the big screen. Your acting skills & your beauty always bring me joy!

Nadia Bjorlin - Nadia! Thanks for donating money and a great perk! You are gorgeous & your sense of humor always makes me laugh!!!!!

Tina Cervasio - Tina, you continue to support Carroll center even after your fierce fencing lesson on campus!!! :) Thanks for donating! We miss you in Boston!!

Grant Bowler - Grant my man, thanks for your great donation!! Love seeing your performance on "Defiance". Looking forward to season 2!!

Sarah Brown - Sarah!!!!!!! My visit to the "Beacon Hill" set was awesome! Thank you for your kindness and helping me with the fun hat perk!!

Crystal Chappelle - Crystal, thank you for your great donation!! So happy that you are having amazing success on the web! "Beacon Hill" looks to be a smash!!

Keith Powell - You may not be Alec Baldwin, but you are still a star! Thanks buddy for donating!!

Mark Valley - Thanks Mark for the great donation! Loved seeing you on "Harry's Law" & "Body of Proof"! Look forward to your new projects!

Jay Arnold - Your constant support and love are always appreciated! Love you dude!!

Leila Soffen - Cutie!!! You are so generous and sweet!!

VerLen Soffen - You were so giving and supporting!! Thank you!!!

Dave Hicks - Dave, your donations were awesome! Thanks for the support!

Martha Cheney - Your constant support was so appreciated!!!

Donna Johns - Thanks for always being there for me Donna!

Patricia Lovett - Thanks for coming through for me again!

Anna Bradley - YAY ANNA!!!

Tim Smith - Thanks Tim!!!

Aaron Vasquez - Thanks Aaron for supporting CCB yet again!

Wilson Cleveland - Thanks pal for always being there for me!!

Jennifer Padellaro - Thanks legs!!!!!!!!

And thank you to my friends Kevin Sheridan, Mark Clinton and Tricia Dowcett-Bettencourt. I've known you guys for decades. DECADES!!! Your donations made me emotional. I love you so much.

And yes, there are hundres more of you who donated!!! I can't thank you all, but know that I appreciate every donation, every dollar. The Carroll Center for the Blind is amazing. Your donations really change lives.

Thanks everyone!