Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fighting Cancer Isn't Sexy - Part 10: Chemo Is Not a Jolly Friend

With my new pal Angel (

I just got a nice message from Josh Groban asking if he missed any blog updates on my cancer fight. To have a superstar like that checking in on me means everything to me. Little things like that keep me going. So it got me up in bed & here's an update!

I'm in the middle of chemo treatments. They are every other week. 8 in total. I have completed 3. It's not a picnic. They give me steroids and anti-nausea drugs and then hook me up for a couple of hours to the chemo. When that's done, they hook me up to a portable chemo pack that I wear for 48 hours. When I get disconnected, they give me an injection to keep my white blood cells at a decent level.

The day of treatment & the next day aren't great. I don't feel good. But the real kicker is the next few days when I become completely exhausted & have a hard time getting out of bed. Nausea has been pretty well controlled by the meds. But it feels like I have a severe flu, I sweat a lot and am just a bit of a mess.

The following week, I feel relatively good! Tired and a bit off, but compared to what I've been through, those days of feeling relatively normal are priceless. I'm able to work part time at The Carroll Center for the Blind during these moments. This means the world to me. This is what I'm here for. Helping those warriors gives me so much strength. And then I nap like a champ!

My Twitter and Facebook pals have not stopped making me laugh & giving me positive reinforcement. I'm so damn lucky to have you! If I haven't thanked you personally, I'm sorry. I do my best. And I have chemo brain. Forgive me!

I have so much to look forward to. A big classic car show next month that will help the Carroll Center. One of my heroes of my youth & to this day, John Wetton will be performing in my area in October. I can't wait to finally meet my pal John in person! And my pal Josh Groban will also be performing in my area in October. Such a thrill to hear him live!

I'm sick & weak, but so strong inside. I will win. It's almost been a year since I've been diagnosed. What a year. I get emotional thinking about it. I'm stronger now than I have ever been. Look out, I'm going to do some great things in the future to help those in need. Thanks for hanging with me! - Geno

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NYConnie said...

* Please tell me that someone is with you on those BAD days! If I lived near you, I would be there for you then, you shouldn't be alone...I really do admire your strength & hope that writing everything down helps you. You are the only one I know who has spoken what REALLY happens when you are ill...{{hugs from Saratoga, NY }}

jchonak said...

Geno, Maybe it sounds kind of stupid from a stranger, but you are fighting like Hell and I am so proud of you. You make 1000 reasons to keep doing this chemo war, and you have love coming at all directions. Not because you have cancer, brother, but because you are an amazing man. I will see you in Boston, I'm in 2nd row, and I'm going to hug you-- brace yourself! We'll have a great Groban night, all of us. My love goes with you, YOU are still sexy, my boy-- inside and out. Brave is sexy-- honest is too. Judy, Portsmouth NH

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