Thursday, April 25, 2013

Twitter and Facebook rants aren't helping bring the country together after the Boston Bombing

As a Eastern MA resident, I was in the thick of the Boston marathon bombing situation. I live in an area that was on lockdown. The shoot outs with police and the eventual capture of the terrorist happened just a couple of miles away from me. There was huge relief in my area when the killer was captured. Such pride and love went out to our local police officers. It was great to see police being treated as heroes. There was and is a great sense of togetherness and pride in our area. Over Twenty Million dollars was already raised to help the victims. Boston Strong.

 I'm on Twitter and Facebook quite a bit. As soon as the crazy loon was about to be captured, a disturbing trend started. I posted on Facebook:
"Wild wild scene. Such a scary and crazy day. Looks like it may be over soon. Get him." 

One of my Republican friends commented:
"Is the liberal actually cheering the good guys with guns on? How quickly we change our tune when American lives are in danger."

What the fuck right? Yes, I'm a liberal. But since when do liberals not cheer good guys with guns? I hashed this out with my friend in private.

This was just the start of what I started to see on Social media. People complaining about every imaginable issue and tying it in with the Boston Bombing. Here are just a few of many examples:

I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine? #2A — Nate Bell (@NateBell4AR) April 19, 2013 

Yes a State Rep. tweeted this out. He apologized, but yes he is a jackass. And Mr. Bell, some of us liberals do want guns in their homes. We just want laws to protect the mentally ill or the criminals from getting guns.

Donald Trump tweeted :

Will Barack Obama personally read the Boston terrorist his Miranda rights 


Next time you wait in an emergency room remember the Boston killer was rushed to intensive care within minutes of capture 

How sad. And misguided. Yes, the killer was rushed to intensive care. He was alive and has knowledge of the attack and possible future attacks. As much as we'd love to watch him die on the street, getting that info may save so many lives. Mr. Trump is a very angry man. And just one of many who is lashing out instead of bringing the country together.

 Elizabeth Hasselbeck tweeted this morning:

Talking to victims of #BostonMarathon today @theviewtv - I will ask them about preserving the rights of those who blew their legs off 

Ugh. Really? Elizabeth and Mr. Trump both don't want this loon to have any rights. The emotional side of me understands that. We all want this bastard punished harshly. And yes, I'm for the death penalty. But you are going to ask the victims that question? So much can be asked of them, and you choose to pick this moment to get on your soapbox? Elizabeth, you are from my area. We are hurting here. You aren't helping.

 Let's work together. For the love of God, there are so many important issues to be discussed. But we all love this country. We all want terrorism to be fought and thwarted. We all want to take care of the victims. Let's be human beings. Can't we work together on this? Can't we?

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