Please rally for me and The Carroll Center for the Blind

This year has been the worst year of my life. It's also been one of the most rewarding. Four months ago I discovered that I had cancer. I've gone through daily radiation treatments that burned my skin badly. I've gone through chemo treatments that made me terribly sick. Both treatments at the same time made me exhausted, ill and a mess. Last week I underwent the first of two operations. The operation left me in tremendous pain & my body is covered in stitches. I feel battered and broken. But I am not beaten.

Four months ago I broke down in tears in my work parking lot. I couldn't imagine dying at my age. I love life. How could I concentrate on work? At that moment, I decided to kick myself in the ass and start my Third annual fundraiser for The Carroll Center for the Blind. Over the years I have met so many inspiring people at the Carroll Center. A young gang member who was blinded by a gunshot, a woman shot in the face & blinded by her abusive boyfriend, a young man blinded by a terrible car accident, a young father of three, going blind slowly due to disease, a sweet blind and deaf young lady with MS, a man who tried to kill  himself by shooting himself in the head & became blinded.  The list goes on and on. I've met hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals with awful stories who have overcome their physical troubles and triumphed due to The Carroll  Center. I had spent years telling these people never to give up. Inner strength and the right attitude can help you overcome anything. I have cancer? Ok. Was I going to ignore my advice? Was I going to crawl  up in a ball and die? Was I going to let my personal health issues affect my work for the Carroll Center? Fuck no.

Over the past four months, we've raised $11,070 for the Carroll Center with my fundraiser. Celebrities  Kristen Johnston, Chris Gorham, Michael Chiklis, Nia Vardalos, Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs, Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku, Clare Kramer, Kay Panabaker, Jaimie Murray, Bianca Kajlich, Tina Cervasio have donated generously and have helped me promote it. A new friend Jay Arnold has donated generously and challenged others with matching challenges. The lovely Julie Benz helped me raise money with a great phone call promotion. Beautiful Christa Miller donated a "Cougar Town" Penny Can signed by the cast to help raise money. Sweet Patricia Heaton sent a generous "offline donation" check. My Twitter & Facebook friends including Pat, Renee, Cora and so so so  many more have donated generously and have spread the word......But I'm still coming up short.

I set the goal four months ago at $25,000. Christmas is in three days. I'm out of time. So many people have helped, but I'm pleading for more help. I've got a lot of great friends and supporters. I need every single one of you. If someone has the means to donate enough for us to reach our goal, please don't hesitate. There is no greater cause. If you can make a small donation, please do.

Please help me. More importantly,please help The Carroll Center.
Merry Christmas