EXCLUSIVE: The truth behind Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander's blossoming romance

The media was abuzz when Peter Facinelli took the gorgeous Jaimie Alexander to dinner before the pair attended the premiere of the latest "Twilight" movie. (ABC ) & (People Magazine)

I talked with one of my trusted sources who gave me the inside story on the beautiful couple.

"Peter and Jaimie have been friends for years. They only recently started dating in August when Peter visited Jaimie in London. So many rags and sites are saying they had an affair when Peter was still married to Jennie Garth. THIS IS SO NOT TRUE!!! Neither Peter nor Jaimie are the type to have affairs. That's not the type of people they are. They don't really want to be in the public eye. They are both private people and they want to protect Pete's precious kids." 

So don't believe the hype! Peter and Jaimie are a sweet couple. No drama, no scandal here. Just two gorgeous & kind folks who have found love. :)