Thank you

Thank you. Today was a tough day. I was able to cope with it with your amazing support. Your tweets and Facebook messages really gave me a lift. I need it. I've tried to put on a brave face, but the reality is I have a very long road ahead. The tweets from Chris Gorham about my semi-nude pic, the Yo Mama jokes from Renee and all your messages gives me strength.

Charles Green even checked in. Actually brought a tear to my eye. Charles is a former co-worker who years ago told me I should start a blog. Geno's World wouldn't exist without him. Making me cry? Green you bastard!

 I came home to a wonderful lasagna from a neighbor. Jill, Amy & other kind neighbors are teaming up to make me meals. I am so grateful!

 The prayers that you all send me mean so much. My faith in God is up and down. Your prayers give me hope. I appreciate everything. I promise to fight and win. The cancer has no chance.

 Oh and my sexy celebrity pal that promised me sexy cleavage pics? I'm dying over here and still waiting!!! :)