Former Boston Bruins star plays street hockey with blind teens at The Carroll Center for the Blind

Hockey is not a game for the timid. Anyone who has been to a NHL game or watched a game on TV has seen vicious hits and ferocious play. However, it is well known that off the ice, most NHL players have a down to earth attitude and huge hearts. Those huge hearts were on display as former NHL rookie of the year, Ken Hodge Jr.and his brother Dan Hodge visited the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, Massachusetts. 

The Hodge brothers took time to play street hockey with a great group of enthusiastic blind teens. These teens were part of several Carroll Center for the Blind summer programs. Real World of Work students worked at several different companies and received great job experience. Transition to College students took a course at a local college to prepare for entering the college world. Students from all programs took part in weekly fun field trips and great clubs after classes.

One such club was the street hockey club, which the Hodge brothers visited. There was plenty of laughter, smiling and great fun that evening. The students learned quite a bit from the Hodge brothers!! They weren't the only ones who learned a lot that evening. Both Hodge brothers were so impressed with the students and the great work being done at The Carroll Center.

Please take a moment to visit The Carroll Center's website to learn more about their mission, their programs and their great work!