Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kristen Johnston's "Guts" moved me to tears. You must buy this book!

I'm typing as some tears are rolling down my face. Not easy to do, but I'm a pro. Yes, I just finished "Guts" by Kristen Johnston. It moved me deeply. As millions others did, I fell in love with Kristen on "3rd Rock from the Sun". She won two Emmy awards for her role as the alien Sally and deservedly so!! I've followed Kristen's career over the years & loved seeing her on "Ugly Betty", "ER" and many other great shows.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Aly introduced me to Kristen via Twitter. I flirted shamelessly with Kristen. I am a flirt and I dig me some Kristen Johnston. Yes Kristen, it's not an act, I think you are one sexy bowl of candy!! Kristen had a book titled "Guts" coming out soon & was donating a portion of every sale via a special link to her SLAM charity. I'm a big fan of supporting charity and I was so happy to promote the book. Kristen sent me an advance copy of the book this week and I jumped right in. I loved it. YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK!!

Kristen doesn't pull any punches. She details her long battle with drugs and alcohol. It's not glamorous. The beauty of the book is that each word is Kristen's own voice. No co-writer or ghost writer, and it shows. And it's beautiful. Raw, real emotions that grabbed me. Her addictions literally almost killed her. Her detailed stories of her time in a hospital in England are riveting. Humor is on every page, even as she details her life crashing down around her. Kristen is not only an award winning actress, I believe she'll become an award winning writer. The book is that good, that real.

On a personal note, I found myself relating & identifying with a lot of Kristen's stories. The troubles of Catholic school, bullies and being the freak. No I wasn't a tall kid like Kristen, I was the tiny freak. The teasing and the bullying hurt. The huge fire in her belly to succeed? Check. That's me. Kristen says everyone has an addiction to something. Check. Whether we are addicted to drugs, fame, power, lying, money, gambling, nicotine, exercise or many of the other things Kristen lists, there is an addict in each of us.

I urge you to visit Kristen's website and order "Guts". You will thank me for it.
To learn more about Kristen's SLAM charity visit

Kristen, I am so grateful that we've "met"! I look forward to being your pal for many years. I also look forward to our epic make-out session!!! Woohoooooo!!!

"The Exes" on TV LAND:
Kristen on Twitter:!/kjothesmartass


Vin said...

O.k., I'm sold.

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