The Geno's World 2nd Annual Fundraiser For Carroll Center For The Blind Reaches It's $10,000 Goal!

There are a lot of kind people in this world! Many of them are my Twitter and Facebook pals. You've done it. You've helped me reach my $10,000 goal for the 2nd Annual Geno's World Fundraiser For The Carroll Center For The Blind!! Thank you to everyone who donated, who tweeted about it, who shared it on Facebook and cheered me on the way. You are all great people & I am proud to call you my friends.
With the two fundraisers & auctions, $22,000 has been raised for The Carroll Center by friends of Geno's World over the last 16 months!!!

A special thank you to four special women who helped me in the month of January. I didn't reach my goal by Christmas, but I just couldn't give up. Holly Marie Combs, Julie Benz, Bianca Kajlich and Jeri Ryan all came forward and helped me get closer to the goal with wonderful promotions. Their fans responded and touched my heart. I'm proud to have these four beautiful & kind women in my corner!!
A special thank you to "Robin" who donated $480 to put me over the top. Your e-mail to me about our Batman and Robin dolls when we were kids made me cry and laugh. I love you so much. xoxo - Geno

For 75 years, The Carroll Center for the Blind has helped blind individuals in need of a new start in life.

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