A large donation to Carroll Center for the Blind will guarantee you a Skype chat with Bianca Kajlich!

Geno's World is currently running a great promotion with Bianca Kajlich  to support The Carroll Center for the Blind: http://www.genogenogeno.com/2012/01/one-lucky-donor-to-carroll-center-for_16.html

I'm now excited to offer a guaranteed opportunity to video chat with Bianca on Skype! In addition to the previous promotion, Bianca has graciously offered to Skype with someone who donates $500 or more to The 2nd Annual Geno's World fundraiser for The Carroll Center for the Blind
Here is a great chance to support a lovely cause and video chat with one of the most beautiful women in the world!! This promotion ends Monday 1/23/12 at 7pm.