Kind & caring Eliza Dushku supports The Carroll Center for the Blind!

Eliza Dushku has thrilled her fans for years with great roles on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", "Dollhouse" & many more. A great actress, Eliza has a great ability to play a variety of roles with great skill.


Off screen, Eliza has a passion for charity & helping those in need. Her 31st birthday wish is to raise money for THARCE-GULU, an organization in Northern Uganda that provides Trauma Healing and Reflection for former child soldiers and victims of war. A fantastic cause & I urge you to support it!

I have been blessed that Eliza has asked her fans last month to support my fundraiser for The Carroll Center for the Blind. Last night, I was thrilled that Eliza not only urged her Twitter followers to donate, but she donated herself!
Eliza Dushku on Twitter:
#Love this lil dude, just re-donated @Genosworld fundraiser for The Carroll Center for the Blind #giving = #good

It shows was a kind hearted person Eliza is! She took time away from her own fundraiser to support mine. I'm touched!! E, you called me a good human. You are one as well & I am proud to call you my friend. xoxo - G

Please join Eliza & help me reach my goal! The Carroll Center is an amazing organization which does fantastic work with the blind. Please step forward & support a great cause!!

 2nd annual Geno's World fundraiser for The Carroll Center for The Carroll Center for the Blind