Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leah Remini's Twitter Followers band together to make sure a needy class gets Christmas presents!

There are many heartbreaking stories that circle the web. So many make us angry, sad and wonder what the world is coming to. Then there are the stories that give us hope. A teacher recently blogged about her (24) 8 year old students who are in need of coats, boots and food. She asked for help > Christmas Help Needed!!
And boy did she get it! The fantastic & caring Leah Remini heard of her plight (from @sonyasylvarwolf ) and tweeted about it to her followers. Within 2 days, EVERY SINGLE item was purchased for the class.

We need more people like Leah & her followers in the world!!


Betty Anne said...

No surprise! Leah is pure gold!

SylvarWolf said...

Three days, but yeah. They rocked it out big time.

anotherPerson said...

This is amazing. Leah does so much good it isn't even funny. If you don't follow her do it. She will re-tweet so many things all in good-heart. She is a great person. This is only one of her stories. There are many of them out there involving her. Well said!

Duffy said...

Thanks to discovering Leah on Twitter a few months ago, I've now adopted a platoon of soldiers who'll get monthly (big) packages from me and my husband, plus the other day I got to be one of Santa's elves for these kids. What a fantastic feeling that was!

When we realized our budget could no longer afford a yearly vacation in Florida every winter, this type of thing is what we decided to - regularly - do instead.

Giving to others feels so much more wonderful than laying on a beach in the sand. There's NOTHING like giving instead of spending money on yourself, and I'd like to thank Leah Remini (and you, Sonya) for reminding me of that.

Teaching Mommy said...

This is my class and words can't express how amazed and touched I am by the outpouring of support for these kids...that none of you have ever met. Words can't describe how excited they are going to be and how this is a Christmas they'll never forget.

Thank you to everyone!

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TheLastLawman said...

"If opening your heart makes you feel good, Leah Remini must be on top of the World"

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