Spectacular prizes await celebrities who visit Carroll Center for the Blind!

I've been fortunate to have quite a number of caring celebrities that have spread the word about my favorite charity, The Carroll Center for the Blind. Many have donated money or items for auctions to support the Center. Such kind folks! Yet I have failed in one important area. I have not been able to convince any celebrities to visit the Carroll Center in person. I understand that when celebs come to the Boston area, they usually have a full schedule. But.....spectacular prizes and bonuses await those who visit!!!!
I will buy the celebrity a fresh, new Carroll center for the Blind t-shirt.....in ANY COLOR OR SIZE THEY DESIRE!!! WOW!!!
What's that? There's more?????
Yes!!! I will also give the celebrity a copy of the book "Blindness" written by the great Fr. Thomas Carroll who started the center decades ago.
You're kidding. MORE????
YES! The tour of the Carroll Center will be conducted by myself. The celebrity will be able to meet the E list celebrity Geno and bask in my handsome glow. (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any sexy celebrities falling in love with me and wanting to run away with me.)

Ok...yes I wrote this stuff tongue in cheek. But I truly do want to have some of my celebrity pals to visit the Carroll Center. The Center helps so many people from small children to the elderly who have lost their vision. The clients at CCB are always changing, the inspiration that I get from them does not. So many fantastic stories of triumph. I also am so anxious to introduce celebs to the tremendous staff at CCB. Many of the staff are completely blind or visually impaired. Their stories are also inspiring and move me.
Are you a celebrity visiting the Boston area? Do you have 20 minutes? I want to introduce you to the greatest people I have the pleasure of knowing. Do a great thing. Make their day. :)