Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Illegal immigrant says boss stole lotto ticket

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Anonymous said...

How about solving this whole problem deport the Illegal for STEALING from OUR country by working and not paying taxes and being here ILLEGALY.. Fine the Boss 750,000 for Hiring an UNDOCUMENTED Immigrant and Illegal worker AND 60 Days in Jail ... then maybe these people will quit hiring these people and the Money will stay in this country

mspires1138 said...

Hell yeah! The money goes to no one except back into the lotto system. And that will teach illegal immigrants (and sorry ass unpatriotic employers) that you are entitled to "NOTHING" when you are in MY country and do unlawful practices!

Anonymous said...

To BOTH of you above:
We should all remember that we were all immigrants at one point so do NOT put yourself on a pedestal and act like you are a better person than this poor man who WORKS to make a living for himself and does not SUCK the government dry, unlike many AMERICANS on welfare or unemployment for no reason.
You should learn how to be a better human first before you spit on other people whom you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Keyword here is "illegal."

Reading > you

Anonymous said...

To the Post of: To the Both of you above you need to be reminded yes my grandparents on one side were Immigrants went through the process of becoming a LEGAL CITIZEN ...AND had to be sponsored to and NOT BE A BURDEN ON THIS COUNTRY or THE SYSTEM for 7 years and had to have a useful trade as to which to take there place in society and were required to learn ENGLISH AND PAY TAXES Maybe you should take as many of these people into your home and pay there share of the Medical and California is going into an unrecoverable debt they spent 48.5 BILLION Dollars on Illegal Immigrant medical benifits alone in2009..... anytime you want to pay more out of you pocket at tax time for these people let me know.... Try pulling the same thing in Mexico and watch what happens

Anonymous said...

Well maybe we need to look in the past cause we the americans stole this country from them in the first place and do you say anything when the immigrants are working thier butts off to make your life easier...I think people who blame immigrants for the lack of jobs are the ones sitting at home on a couch blaming other people for thier failer...and I would like to some of you walk a day in thier shoes

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